Amaterasu Reiki

Amaterasu is the Goddess of the Sun in the Ancient Japanese tradition. She is the principle deity in the Shinto spiritual path. In the Japanese creation myths, it was the energy of Amaterasu shining on our planet that allowed life as we know it to flourish. She sent an aspect of herself Ninigi no Mikoto to our world, the great grandson of whom became the first Japanese Emperor Jimmu.


Amaterasu represents the feminine aspect of the energy from the consciousness of the Sun. She is the Queen of all the forces of nature and her festival day is 17th July. She is also honoured on winter solstice day, 21st December, which is the start of the new solar year.


The rising sun on the flag of Japan is the emblem of Amaterasu, and Japanese people who follow the Shinto spiritual path often make prayers to her at the beginning of each day.

Amaterasu Reiki-Master : 40,- Euro