Artemis Ray


To all gives a life Artemis. It cares of everything, that lives on the ground and grows, cares and of people.


It causes growth of grasses, colors and trees, it blesss beauty and a birth, wedding and marriage. Rich victims the Greek women of nice daughter Zeusa Artemis, gives blessings and giving bring happiness in the marriage, curing eternally young, fine as clear day, Goddess Artemis, with an onions and a quiver behind shoulders, with a spear of the hunter in hands, cheerfully hunts in shady woods and the fields filled in by the sun.


The noisy crowd of nymphs accompanies with it, and it, majestic, in short clothes huntswoman, reaching only up to knees, is quickly born on woody slopes of mountains. For Artemis its companions - nymphs hasten. The cheerful laughter, shouts, bark of rack of dogs are far distributed in mountains, and loudly mountain echo answers them. When the goddess on hunting it hastens with nymphs in sacred Delphi will get tired, - it there has a rest. Under divine sounds gold kifhara Apollo it drives round dances with muses and nymphs. Ahead of all there is in a round dance Artemis, harmonous, fine; It is the finest than nymphs and muses Artemis and in breathing a cool, coiled in greens arbours likes to have a rest.



Artemis Ray: Euro 15,-