Amida Buddha Initiation



How this all came about

After our trip to Japan in year 2000 where we visited the Saihō-ji Temple where Usui was buried and Kurama-dera, where he received his “satori” we also visited Kamakura with the very big statue of Amida Butsu (Amitabha Buddha). This statue is normally only called “Daibutsu” – the big Buddha.


Charmaine has also felt a special connection to Amida and that was even clearer during our stay in Japan. So after coming home we channelled this initiation – using the channelling method from Ole Gabrielsen (which is not an attunement method). I use the Higher Self Attunement Method to pass on this attunement, but you can use Chi-Ball or any other method as well.


Amida Butsu is the most venerated Buddha in Japan, as the biggest sects I Japan are the two “pure land” sects, Jodō-shu og Jodō Shin-shu. Mrs. Takata was a pure land Buddhist. She went to Japan with the ashes of her husband to be placed in the main pure land temple. Usuis is buried in a pure land cemetery, even though he was Tendai, because they do not normally have cemeteries.


Love & light from Denmark


Jens Søeborg


Amida Buddha Initiation: Euro 25,-