Angelic Empowerments


Angelic empowerments are very real and powerful.  They are non-denominational and although they are recognized and are an integral part of many of the worlds religions and/or spiritual paths, specific beliefs have nothing whatsoever to do with your abilit to access their assistance.

Angles have no  time or space restrictions so they can simultaneously be with everyone who calles upon their assistance.  Anuone can call upon the Angels, one doesn't have to live a life or have any particular belief, specific education, or religious training or use a formal invocation.  Calling upon them is sufficient.

These empowerments are designed to assist you to connect more fully with ALL the choirs of Angel and to understand the Angelis Realm.  I was lead to do this work by my Guardian Angle and the Archangels with whom I work every dayy.  I do very realistic work which is primarily Cabalistic in nature; however I was clearly aware that the type of ritual which is most comfortable for me is not  necessary and is most certainly not comfortable for all beeings and received clear and thorough guidance from Angelic Beings as these Empowerments were presented to me.

The purpose of th Angelic Empowerments is to connect ou more strongl to the natural energies ot the Angelic Realm and to prepare yyour phyysical bodyy and energy sstem for deeply connected individual work with the Angels.


5 Empowerments included - Angelic Empowerments - Master Level -   E 80,-