God of the arts, archery, and divination

symbols: bow, lyre, laurel


Apollo - one of the most ancient Gods of Greece-God of light.


Later it became the patron of art, poetry and music. Besides Apollo became the god predicting the future. In all ancient world its sanctuary in Delphi where priestess-pythia gave a prediction was famous. The God of light, golden-haired Apollo, was born on island Delos (which means "brilliant", and, incidentally, inspired the epithet Delian in honor of the divine site). The son of the Olympian Zeus and the Titan Leto, and the brother of the goddess Arthemis. When the God of light Apollo was born, streams of bright light everywhere have spread. As gold, they have filled in rocks Delos. All around has blossomed, has begun to sparkle: both coastal rocks, and mountain Kint, both a valley, and the sea. Loudly glorified the born God gathered on Delos goddesses, bringing it nectar. All nature around exulted together with goddesses.




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