Reiki works on every level (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) having a general action.

AROLO works on the affection level, on the generating cause of energetic unharmony.

The patient transforms Reiki by his chakras while AROLO has a direct and spontaneous effect on the patient and the healing can come on the spot.

In Reiki there is no diagnosis, but there is in AROLO. Reiki does not work on the cause of the affection, AROLO works directly on it.

In Reiki the patient is directing the flux of energy he is receiving, in AROLO it is worked on a certain energetic level that is according, generally, to the cause of the affection.

AROLO is not a more powerful energy than Reiki but it represents a different level of human knowledge, it works on other levels.

Here is why these two systems are not in competition: They both have their own way of action, their own energy so that they can complete each other very well.

Reiki is considered to be passive while AROLO is the active one. AROLO is interfering, searching, analyzing, concluding and stating a certain program to follow in order to reach the cause level. This is why AROLO is considered to be active. Passive and Active merges and so it is created the balance. Yin – Yang.

Male – Female. This is the Universe: balance.


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