Christ Consciousness

& Christ Healing

founded by SolKarina

In the 80 Lord Sananda, Jesus came to me several times. He gave me energy and loving feelings I went through hard times then. In the early 90 when I started channelling I asked him about life purpose, of course I asked him lots of questions. He then took my hand and vi travelled out in the universe so we could se earth by a distance. Look he sad, the purpose of life is not only your life it is the life of all living beings on planet earth. You all need to support eat other to grow spiritually. It is not only one person who is suppose to be enlightened the hole earth must do this together. You must help eat other. This was some of all the information he gave me. When all people have light minds then you can se what happened with the earth. He pointed on the globe from space and I could se how it glow, glitter in space like a star. The purpose is for the whole earth to ascend and you all become a glowing and glittering star in space together. It is important to understand the word of compassion and loving all living beings. Those people who had a spiritually awakening have a responsibility to enlighten them who is not by your daily actions. I understood that my actions will reflect and influence everybody that I meat daily.


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