The Diamond of Zapharel

The Diamond of Zapharel was channeled by Stephen Lovering from Seraph Zapharel. Zapharel is an Angelic being and is a member of the Seraphim - the highest vibrational order of the Angelic Kingdom.

The Diamond of Zapharel is placed etherically in your aura to permanently offer the qualities and assistance of a diamond along with Zapharel’s presence.

Once you have received this attunement you will be able to call upon Seraph Zapharel and his diamond whenever you need assistance, guidance or simply his presence. The Diamond is a symbol of purity and can assist in bringing your life to a more balanced and whole state.

You do not need to be attuned to Reiki or any of the other Zapharel attunements to receive the Diamond of Seraph Zapharel and after you have received the attunement you will be able to pass it on to others.

The Diamond is a symbol of purity with a brilliant and pure white light. The Diamond can help bring completeness and wholeness to your life and is able to assist you in many ways.

For many years the diamond has symbolised wealth and status in life and is one of the stones of abundance and manifestation - the larger the diamond the more wealth it supposedly represents.

The Diamond is a stone that doesn’t need recharging so once you receive this attunement you will be connected to Seraph Zapharel and his Diamond for life. You will not need to be reattuned to it.

The Diamond is an amplifier of energy and can assist with removing negativity and fear from a person or situation. It is also useful for repairing holes that may appear in your aura and recharges and energizes the aura.

If you have any negativity attached to your aura which is preventing you from moving along your spiritual path, the Diamond can help to release this negativity and replace it with a new, refreshing energy enabling you to move forwards with a renewed enthusiasm and passion.

The Diamond can also assist in matters of the heart, whether it is a relationship difficulty or life in general, the placing of the diamond in your aura and chakras can bring harmony and peace to you.

Finally, the Diamond can assist with mental clarity enabling you to see more clearly the path that you need to take.

 You will receive one distance attunement, a manual in pdf format and a printed certificate suitable for framing.


Diamond of Zapharel: Euro 20,-