Preparation for a distance attunement



 Settle yourself down in a comfortable position and place where you will not be disturbed for 30 – 45 minutes. Switch off the phone, ask people not to disturb you and play some soft music if you like.


Close your eyes once you are ready and say outloud or silently


“ I am now ready to receive the “Name of attunement here”  attunement sent to me by Daniel Meyers”


Then simply relax and let the attunement take place. 

You may feel warmth or a light breeze, tingling or numbness. You may see colours or sense a presence around you. Or you may feel nothing at all. Whatever you feel or don’t feel the attunement will work. An additional technique which is helpful when receiving an attunement is below for you.


Most attunements run for about 20 – 30 mins but some are longer and some shorter so take your time. When you sense the attunement has finished slowly open your eyes and take your time getting up.


Drink plenty of water and treat yourself daily for the next few days.


Immediately after the attunement, you may find that you feel a bit dizzy or lightheaded. To help with this, treat someone (yourself or another) immediately for about 15-30 minutes.


This will also get the energy flowing nicely and show you--to your delight-- that you have indeed received the miracle of Reiki.


Having a light meal is also a good idea in order to further assist in keeping you from feeling light-headed. Please don’t be alarmed if you have these or other mild symptoms after the attunement; this happens sometimes. Some teachers have affectionately termed the various post-attunement symptoms “the Reiki Achies”.


For a few weeks after the attunement, you will be going through some energetic changes, as you are being cleared out and prepared to be as pure a healer as possible--a channel of universal healing energy (Reiki).


Take good care of yourself during this time by eating well, drinking plenty of water, and getting enough sleep. Also, and equally importantly, give yourself a Reiki treatment each day.



As already mentioned when receiving an attunement all you need to do is relax and allow it to happen after saying “I am now ready to receive the “Name of attunement” from Daniel Meyers”  – for some people visual experiences and feelings are common but for others it can be difficult to relax totally to feel the attunement.


One technique which is helpful when receiving an attunement is to start by focusing on your crown chakra and visualising a brilliant and pure white light entering your crown. Feel and see this cool white light flowing through your Crown chakra filling it with the purest feelings of love and joy and then visualise this light moving down to your third eye chakra and filling it with the same pure white light. Progress down through each of the chakras until the light fills your root/base chakra and then visualise the energy flowing down through your legs into your feet and out into the earth (you can visualise roots coming from your feet into the earth to do this). Then spend a short while visualising this light flowing from the Universe, through each chakra and out in to the earth and filling you with an amazing feeling of peace, love, protection and healing.


By doing this when you receive each attunement you should be well grounded afterwards and feel refreshed and revitalised – don’t forget to drink a glass of water and take your time getting up