Dos Rios Reiki

Reiki is the gentle, Japanese art of healing with chi, the mysterious and formless fire of life, an art with roots that go all the way back to the Medicine Buddha practices of ancient Tibet, and beyond.

The style of Reiki that evolved from Dr. Mikao Usui’s method of healing is called the Usui System of Natural Healing or Usui Shiki Ryoho; Dos Rios Reiki is an offshoot of this school.

Dos Rios Reiki, often referred to as "Cowboy Reiki," is the gentle, noninvasive therapy that grew out my work with AIDS patients in the American Southwest; as such, it limits touching to the head and the feet, and relies heavily on the use of the Tibetan Medicine Buddha mantra to cultivate compassion.

Dos Rios Reiki is a spiritual program, a path of service, prayer and meditation.

The story of where the name came from is easy enough to tell: I saw it on a pickup truck someplace out in California. And even though Iremember it as Dos Rios Rancheros - which I think has something to do with cowboys - it's more than likely that it really read Ranchero Dos Rios. Anyway, the name made me smile one of those gentle smiles, and stuck with me for days. And so that is where the name comes from.

The meaning, though, changes for me from day to day.

Sometimes the two rivers are Heaven and Earth, because unlike traditional Reiki, the Dos Rios practice seems to draw energy not only from the Heavens, though the Bai Hui point, but also from the Earth, through the Bubbling Well points.

Sometimes the two rivers are Buddhism and Qigong, because this practice is Qigong, and because the Medicine Buddha mantra is so central to it.

Sometimes the two river are Buddhism and Christianity, as I was raised Irish Catholic, began practicing Soto Zen Buddhism in 1980, and have since fallen in love with Psalms 46:10 - "be still and know that I am..."

I suppose part of this practice - part of your practice, that is - is to figure out just what these two rivers mean to you.


Dos Rios Reiki: Euro 30,-