DRISANA, the Tibetan Spiritual Energy. Throughout history the Tibetans have long been known for intensely powerful and highly aspiring religion, spirituality and philosophy. Many incredible stories were brought back to Europe by travelers of highly evolved spiritual leaders and their inspiring accomplishments and knowledge. Today, this is reinforced by loyal followers of their methods of higher consciousness. One only need think of the Dalai Lama and his constant pursuit of world and inner peace, and you know there are millions of minds meeting in the collective conscious toward this purpose.

Anyone with a serious spiritual pursuit will be interested in Drisana because of the many attunements to help purify, cleanse and balance the chakras, subtle bodies and the physical body. The Tibetans have had tremendous experience and retained vast knowledge along these lines; they have also blessed us with a versatile energy system. Working with energies is a master key in spiritual evolution and can cut decades from the time to your enlightenment.


Drisana - First Light empowerment:  Euro 120,-