The Energies of Avalon


Doris Becker and Angela Grötsch received 12 Symbols in November and December 2005 from Tobias and Planton. In addition they get the following information from the guardian of the light on 30.11.2005:

This is the new and old energy from Avalon, medium of the light, guardian of the gates, she tells you the way.

Practice and Handling:

Go into the feeling; hear for your intuition, so you will understand how to use the transmitted symbols alone and in combination with others or with other energies.


Detecting, Integration of the pure and true love.

Clear your mind when you are working with the symbols.

Be clean and without any expectation.

It is important, that you clear your head completely.

Used in purer love the symbols will serve you for fulfilment for clean, spiritual wealth.


The Energies of Avalon: Euro 40,-