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Gold Star Christ Activation

Christ Activation is a series of activations that will activate your 3rd chakra all the way to your 7th chakra.

This activation will re-strand your DNA and then add more strands to that DNA

This series of activations also unlocks the frequency keys to "inner doors" so that you can more freely open them on your own. The keys are opened at all levels, from 5 feet below your feet, all the way to the source.
Christ Activation also activates 5 of your chakras located above your head. These chakras are beyond the 5 chakras being activated from your 3rd chakra to your 7th chakra.

With these Activations, all of your chakras begin to merge together to become one Unified Chakra rather than several chakras operating on their own. This merging includes all your major chakras and all your secondary chakras all coming together to become one energy operating center.

These activations open the doorways to the Devine Consciousness so that we have greater access to communicating with our Higher Self. It assists in opening up all the chakras in the lower self (7 in the physical body) and it opens up the upper chakras in the Higher Self (at least 5 in the above the head).

These activations also open up the doorways of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within each of us and balances them.


direct attunement   :   140 euro

distant attunement : 120 euro