KaHuna ReikiTM



Huna is a very mana (powerful) and helps to connect to the sacred kapu space. The word Huna means among other things secret, and the word Kahuna, can mean keeper of the secret, but also can mean powerful one…Huna is not a religion, but a way to kou alo a me ala (your light & your path) to ‘uhane nui (spiritual greatness).

Practicing Huna Reiki can lead to incredibly ‘uhane (soul) pomaika’i (blessings). And then you can connect with pono (spirit connection between all things) and taping into our pu’uwai  lokahi (heart unity). It deals with all aspects of our lives so we can embrace our ‘uhane nui (spirit greatness) .

The continue use of KaHuna Reiki can bring great clarity, and increase insight and intuitive awareness. KaHuna Reiki is wonderful for emotional healing, connecting to kapu space (sacred space). And listening to your na’au (connection to the spirit, gut level) ~KaHuna Reiki is a powerful and transforming , life changing form of Reiki.

Which uses aloha (love) nahenahe (compassion), honoring sacred kapu space.

May u have all of the pa’ani me aloha (loving playfulness) and pomaika’I (blessings) KaHuna Reiki brings.


KaHuna Reiki: Euro 30,-