MariEl Healing System


MariEL Reiki was one of the first energy systems to evolve in America after the introduction of the Usui Reiki healing system. It is the healing energy of Mother Mary. The theory behind MariEL healing is that every cell in our body has a memory. Memories we store of a negative emotional or physical experience will block the flow of energy. MariEL healing helps to release these memories.
Created in the early 80's, by Ethel Lombardi, MarEl contains a unique way of healing using MariEL Reiki Lines and three symbols which work very powerfully for those who have been attuned and worked with them for any period of time.
In a MariEl session the practitioners channels the energy, which is very loving and gentle, the same way Reiki is channeled either hands on or with the hands not touching the body, but close.

MariEl Reiki: Euro 40,-