The New Earth


When one speaks of Earth, one gets fascinated over everything that took place here during the total life history of the planet. Words such as evolution come up to describe long processes of development that sometimes took millions of years to be completed, the way we look at completion. Maybe, evolution isn’t the correct word to use in this case, but I will use it anyway. Although this time it is not about the usual kind of evolution, but rather a spiritual evolution. It is a growth that will consist of many phases. It has a very predictable process of development, where we and our planet shall become fulfilled. Without knowing it, maybe, we have all entered a new phase. A very big step has been taken. The spiritual evolution is fully happening. The Earth has taken a natural step forward and things are happening sort of like a “normal” evolution. The big difference though, is that this time it is happening on an inner, deeper and spiritual plane.


The New Earth is still a separate part. It is a separate planet apart from us and mostly unknown it hides in a different dimension. The New Earth is a very important piece of the puzzle though, and it is a very tangible part of our spiritual evolution and development. Our spiritual evolution and what the New Earth will become to us can never be stopped or slowed down. The only way it could be, would be if people destroyed the whole process, but fortunately that is most improbable.  Especially since the process itself means that people are becoming more and more aware. That awareness will lead to more understanding and clarity which, in turn, will lead people to want to help more, since they understand the purpose of everything.

It doesn’t matter what you have read or heard before about Earth’s transformation. Nor is it important, according to their telling, how it is supposed to happen or what it is supposed to look like. It is more important that you, in some way, have chosen to listen and be receptive to receive the information.


Once you have received information it is up to your Higher Self to sort out the answers. Our Higher Self represents our spiritual wisdom and consciousness on a higher plane and it assimilates the information and sends back whatever is worth believing in.  Often you will get a clear, positive feeling and some sort of a knowing feeling in that process.

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