Psychic Attunement


The Psychic Attunement will bring forth and open your natural Psychic abilities.


Each and every person has psychic abilities that vary in terms of intensity and strength the strength of your abilities will depend on what you are meant to accomplish during this lifetime.


If you are meant to be a healer, then you will probably have strong healing ability.

If you are meant to help resolve kidnapping or murder cases or even to find lost items or people then you will probably have the ability to see visions clearly or to intuitively "know" things.

If you are meant to give proof to people about the existence of life after death, then you will be able to communicate with loved ones that have passed on.


Each person is unique in his or her gifts.


During the Reiki Psychic Attunement a Prescribed Attunement procedure is carried out by a Reiki Master/teacher either distantly or in person.

 The Reiki Master/teacher will ethericaly place Symbols into your Aura, Crown and 3rd Eye Chakra’s.

Many Abilities can come forward after this Attunement.

These can sometimes be noticed straight away or may take several months.


In this Manual you will find information on some different Abilities that can come forward after receiving this Attunement, Information on the Chakra system, a Chakra Meditation which will help to open your ability to see the Chakras and your inner sight, Information on the Aura and Exercises on how to see the Human Aura.



Psychic Attunement: Euro 20