Ra-Sheeba is a spiritual system and a healing matrix having its roots in the Mystery Schools of ancient Egypt. In those days the energies were in the care of a group known as "The Watchers". Now the collective vibration of humanity has reached a level where the energies can be accessed again, but this time in a new way. Many of those who were Watchers are here again spreading the energies, anchoring the Crystal vibration and celebrating the birth of a new era.

Ra-Sheeba is a very powerful facet of the Universal Healing Energy. It combines the intense and powerful masculine energies of the Great Central Sun with the sensual, joyful and creative feminine aspects and results in an exciting "dance" of energies.Many experience it as very intense but very subtle and sensual at the same time. The healing energy works directly on the chakras, changing our DNA and electro-magnetics. The attunements change our vibration and soul colors opening the way for a bigger influx of love into our lives. Ra-Sheeba promotes the balance and integration of all aspects of the self and seeks to fully empower us as divine beings and conscious creators.


Ra-Sheeba: Euro 50,-