1) Ground Preparation

Those who are new to meditation can carry out the following steps:

a) Select a calm and quiet place where no one will disturb you. The best time to meditate is between 5 and 5.30 in the early mornings, which is also known as the Bramha Muhurtham, in order to absorb the most positive energies. No one would generally disturb you at this time.

b) You can play light music if you like or bum an incense stick filling the room with the fragrance of Jasmine or rose flowers (such fragrances are used in aroma-therapy) as these help you to go deeper into meditation.

c) Keep harsh, glaring lights and fans put off and windows and doors closed if done within the house. It is preferable to do meditation in the open either on your terrace or a park where you are surrounded by greenery.

d) The first step in meditation is to achieve a level of stillness and tranquility by giving the mind something to concentrate upon that distracts it from the thoughts and illusions of daily life.

e) Support your body by a backrest if required. You can sit in the yogic posture of "Padmasana" (i.e., placing your right foot on your left thigh and left foot on right thigh) to achieve best results.

f) Take 3 deep breaths, roll your eyeballs upwards and calm down

g) Concentrate on the tip of your nose and feel the way the breath goes in and out, just keep concentrating on your breathing. Do not try to consciously control your breathing, just let it go in and out.

h) Do this for at least 10 minutes to still your mind. It may take maximum one week for sincere practitioners to concentrate on their breath movement alone.


2) Exploration

After you have mastered the above technique the next step is to explore a room or a place with which you are very familiar. Follow all the above steps and try to remember the details of the room, like,

1) The colour of the walls.

2) Colour of the carpets, if any.

3) Texture of the curtains feel it in your imagination.

4) Shape and material of the objects in the room.

5) Concentrate on specific objects of your likeness which you admire or like most.

6) Visualize a white light in the room filling it when we switch on the tube light.

7) Visualize a white light around each object like a mist or hue or a cocoon around the objects giving it protection.

White light meditation is a very simple and a powerful technique to give protection, driving out negative energies. It also helps to improve relations with people if we visualize sending white light to the heart region of people with whom we have strained relationships.

3) Your Utopia and Sacred Space

There may be very few people in the world who do not find peace in the midst of mother nature, like a hill station, the bank of a river, scenic spots and other creations of God. This meditation helps one discover one's own sacred and secret place within oneself.

After you have mastered the exploration technique you can meditate with ease.


Do ground preparation as before.

Imagine yourself standing in front of a golden door which has a golden key, and as you open it you enter into nature's womb, a place full of trees, fresh flowers, sounds of birds chirping and water drops falling from the leaves. Hear a waterfall nearby. Hear the birds and insects calling you to join their fun and be part of them. Admire the beautiful colours of the butterflies hovering around you.

Visualize the sunlight coming through the tree tops, adding a golden hue to the greenery around you.

Visualize yourself seated on a rock with a solid surface, supporting your entire weight in this greenery. Gain a feeling of security and stability from the rock.

Visualize yourself being bathed by sunlight as you meditate on this rock.

Stay as long as you want and. receive any particular ideas, insights, visions or sensations. You can choose to make a note of them once you have completed this exercise.

4) Grounding

Often after creative visualization we feel light and disconnected from earth due to higher vibrations produced within us duringmeditation. To reconnect ourselves back to the physical body it is important to ground ourselves.

a) After the third meditation imagine you are converted into a big banyan tree which has large branches and roots going deep into the mother earth.

b) Imagine golden particles from the cosmos hitting you, and you absorb these particles which mingle with negative energies like a ball of energy.

c) The above ball of energy flows out of the roots of the tree or your legs, deep into the earth.

d) Pray to mother earth, "Heal my earth element, water element, fire element, air and space element and keep me grounded."


e) Thank the mother earth and end the meditation.

5) Chakra Meditation

As explained before we have seven psychic Chakras in our bodies, vibrating at much higher frequencies, hence cannot be seen by ordinary people. Clairvoyants can, however, see these Chakras and receive psychic information by way of images, symbols and impressions within their mind's eye which can be interpreted by them for their actual meaning.

Since all our Chakras are connected to our organs it is very important to keep the chakras balanced. One of the ways to keep them balanced is through meditation.

1) Imagine your Base/Root Chakra (Mooladhara) to be like a red rose opening to the morning sun. Concentrate on this Chakra for 1-2 minutes.

2) Then imagine your Sacral Chakra (Svadishtana or hara) to be like an orange colored flower opening its bud. Concentrate as before.

3)Then imagine your Solar Plexus Chakra (Mani Pura) to be like a yellow rose. Concentrate on it.

4) Then imagine your Heart Chakra (Anahata) to be like a pink rose with a green stem opening up and emitting a white light concentrate as before.

5) Then imagine your Throat Chakra (Vishuddha) to be like a blue flower. Concentrate as before.

6) Then concentrate on your Third eye Chakra (Ajna) to be like a dark blue colored flower. Concentrate as before.

7) Then imagine over your head a golden ball of light covering your Crown Chalcra(Sahasrara) and forehead with a golden yellow light.

You can also visualize at each stage a white light like a cocoon around each chakra and imagine them to be protected from outside influences for additional benefits.



6) Aura Mediation

All animate and inanimate objects have a subtle energetic field or Aura -around them. The plant and animal kingdom, insects, stone, rocks all have subtle energies which have been proven by modern techniques like Kirlian Photography, which measures the band of aura and captures the colours within the spectrum of light namely VIBGYOR (Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red).

It is very interesting to note that the human aura changes drastically every hour depending on the individual's state of health, energy levels, moods, thought patterns and spiritual development.

RED in human aura denotes anger, fear, survival issues, material concerns and raw power.

ORANGE denotes sexuality, pleasure, warmth and passion.

YELLOW denotes inspiration, intellectual activity, power of the mind and bright ideas.

GREEN denotes balance, harmony, neutral influence, calmness and is a bridge between emotions and higher reasons.

BRIGHT BLUE denotes healing, teaching ability, creativity, detachment and impulse to communicate to masses. All spiritual leaders have a very large band of bright blue colour and this has been proved by Dr Kirlian. It is virtually not possible for ordinary humans to have such a stretch of Aura.

INDIGO denotes intuition, psychic ability, spiritual protection; it bridges the two hemispheres of the brain.

VIOLET denotes wisdom, enlightenment and it bridges the physical mind with the higher mind.

GOLDEN denotes brilliance, prosperity, spiritual radiance, higher creativity and the breath of the divine.

PINK denotes warmth, tenderness, an impulse to nurture and childhood concerns.



WHITE denotes purity and higher realms of perception.

1) Sit down as before, preferably in the lotus position or Padmasana (sit with legs crossed and the right foot on the left thigh and the left foot on the right thigh) although it is not compulsory.

2)As you concentrate on your breathing, imagine you are sitting in meditation within a ball of white light floating in between.

Concentrate for 2-3 minutes.

3) Then imagine yourself enveloped by a purple colored flame and request the purple light mentally to cleanse your aura remain in this state of concentration for two minutes.

4) Then imagine yourself a emitting bright blue colored band of aura. Imagine this band expanding continuously and radiating selfless love to all the people and objects around you. This will help you to develop unconditional love.

5) Then imagine yourself emitting a soothing pink colored aura of light around you, and expand it as much as you can. 6)While imagining, affirm in your mind's eye, "My Aural vision brings the benefit of healing for myself and others and unconditional love to all creatures in this world."

In case you want to develop the ability to see other people's Aura, then do the following exercise daily.

1) Keep an object before you, observe it carefully and then close your eyes and imagine it in your mind's eye.

2) Imagine the aura of the object around it, you can add colour of your choice and keep the Aura small or big as per your choice. Paint whatever picture your mind permits you to.

3) You can repeat the exercise by selecting various objects and imagining a different colored aura for each. To develop the aural sight one has to learn to refocus one's eyes. Normally our eyes are focused on the physical nature of solid matter rather than the subtle energies around it.



To learn to refocus your eyes, keep both your index fingers pointing towards each other with their tips facing each other, at least a foot away in front of your eyes.

Now observe carefully the fingers with your eyes wide open, then focus, with the fingers in the same position, at a distant object without moving the fingers.

You will observe two things. One, you will see a third finger floating in between like a frankfurter with two nails. This indicates that you have been successful in virtually fooling your brain.

Next, you may notice a small movement of light or energy field around the fingers or a double image in white or blue-grey. If you are already attuned to aural vision you will see your fingers bathed in different colours.

4) To develop the ability to see other persons' Auras, daily declaration of the following at least five times will help.

"It is safe for me to see other people's aura."

"I easily see and perceive a full colored aura."

"I am developing a powerful healing relationship with light and colour."