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Rún Valdr

by Rodney Cox © 2004



I will describe a new and wholly separate form of Reiki based not on ancient Sanskrit or Tibetan teachings, but on the Norse Runes. This system is complete unto it self and does not rely in any way to other Reiki systems beyond cursory similarities in using the new symbols and in giving attunements. This system that I call Rún Valdr goes beyond what Reiki does in that the symbols and techniques can be used for more than healing. They can be used for magic as well including a way to easily and powerfully charge objects to create magical items, programmed to do whatever you desire.


I used to call the system “Runic Reiki” but have decided to change the name. It is not so much a Reiki system that uses runes as a Reiki-like way of using Runes. Rún Valdr is old Norse for Rune Power. But Valdr is not just power, but authority as well. It is more than just a powerful way of using the Runes. It is a responsibility as well.


Much of the material was revealed to me during mental journeys I took to meet with my Gods, Odin and Freya. They gave me the symbols, their names and what they were for. Even though there are quite a few new symbols they have, curiously enough, an internal consistency. That is, they have a consistent look about them that indicates that they are not merely random symbols, but are part of a larger system.


I’m as skeptical about so called “channeled” information as the next person, but I have found through extensive testing that these symbols work and work well. Test this system for yourself.



Rún Valdr: Euro 45,-