Sufi Reiki was created by Reiki Sufi Master Sami Pajunen in Finland at the end of 1999. Reiki Sufi was introduced to Indonesia by Mr. Fajar Isbandi with the help of the first few Reiki Sufi Masters including Rudi, Eko Yuwono, Edys Susanto , Hikam, Rachmat Hanafi, Adi Setiawan,Andry , and others.

Sufi Reiki is a Reiki that accesses Sufistic energy by the moment method. This energy may be different from the reiki Usui energy but as far as I m concerned the difference is something that is felt individually and it is not for me to describe the differences. The aim of the energy however is to enable the practitioner of Sufi Reiki to become a spiritually enlightened person who is also able to do healing for him/herself as well as for others.


Sufi Reiki: Euro 25,-