Reiki Tao makes use of all available system in human body for the energy provision. Based formerly on Indonesian Reiki Tibetan which provoking kundalini through piercing sushumna nadi with tummo breath technique and energy shaktipat, Reiki Tao finally changes the energy with “solid” universe energy. We call solid energy because the energy string formed from this energy will not vanish until several hours after being used to pierce the sushumna passage.


Same as usual Reiki, Reiki Tao also gives attunement to lift up the rank of the student to make them ready for further training. Even though, the attunement is just a starter, and the ability will depend on the student’s praktice.


Reiki Tao’s energy consists of universe energy (means as energy from sky, upper) such as Reiki, Karuna, energy from upper chakras etc. All of those energies can be accessed through crown chakra or other prime chakras as well as from minor chakras. Those energies can be accessed once the student has received attunement for each of the energy.


The second energy is kundalini and center line’s warehouse energy. The kundalini is awaken in Reiki Tao I attunement and risen in Reiki Tao master. In sudden kundalini awakening without practice, usually kundalini rise through center meridian and stop in every energy warehouse, especially solar plexus and pineal gland. But the center meridian is connected in every energy warehouse with peripheral and vertical meridian. Then because the kundalini rising is not using map but instink, then she can get lost to other passage and stop there. When kundalini rises, she release energy in the form of pressure and heat. This causes several painful feeling called kundalini syndrom when the energy can’t be released to her true passage.



REIKI TAO: Euro 25,-