USUI TEATE REIKI is an integrated Reiki course that takes Western-style Reiki back to its traditional Japanese roots and reveals original techniques and powerful spiritual exercises that were taught by Mikao Usui himself, but which were not taught in the West, or were not passed on in any sort of coherent form (until now).

Dr Usui’s own students originally referred to what he did as "Usui Teate" (Usui Healing Hand). Its original purpose was to achieve enlightenment, to find one's spiritual path. The ability to heal oneself and to heal others was considered a natural part of the process of spiritual development. This is why so many of the world’s spiritual figures like Buddha, Jesus, and various Holy men and Saints have also been credited with the ability to heal.

Usui’s students learned special meditations and energy exercises designed to form a clear, strong channel for Reiki, and to develop their sensitivity to the energy, learning to work intuitively rather than in a rigid fashion. They also received regular energy "empowerments" from Dr Usui. They also learned the Reiki precepts -simple principles for living in harmony for spiritual development.