Vajra Tummo Reiki

Vajra Tummo Reiki or VTR is a variation of Reiki whose roots come from the esoteric Ancient Tibetan systems.

The earliest form of VTR is the tradition called Vajra gTummo gTummo.

Vajra means “ Thunder”

The word represents the energy from knowledge which has brightness gTummo or Tummo means “Holy Fire” Mostly, this gTummo or Tummo also known as “Kundalini” Kundalini”, is part of a Yoga tradition known as “ The Six Yogas Of Naropa”.

Reiki means “Universal Life-Force Energy”

The word represents the universal life force accessed to assist healing.

VTR was founded by Grand Master Yan Nurindra from a conscious chanelling process with Prana Shakti Samadhi to the Tibetan Ascended Master Master. From this Ascended Master he received the knowledge and energy of gTummo and “Angkur Vajra gTummo”.

Vajra in this VTR is different from Vajra in gTummo because the meaning of these two words are very different. In gTummo, Vajra is the Highest Level or rank in gTummo. While in VTR, Vajra means we have accessed Vajra gTummo Energy.

Vajra gTummo itself should be learnt separately and through an initiation or attunement process called “Anchor”.

Technically, Vajra gTummo energy consists of gTummo energy with Vajra energy.

Both of these energies can be activated / used together or separately.


Vajra Tummo Reiki: Euro 40,-